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WELMA Deysel, who recently became part of the Dormehl Phalane Property Group (DPPG) family, as a principal agent in Pretoria, might well have done mountain-climbing full time had she found a sponsor for her passion. Quite something, considering she admits to having a fear of heights!

Born with an adventurous spirit, this fitness fan, who completed five Comrades Marathons between 1991 and 1996, can lay claim to having reached two of the highest mountain peaks in the world - Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mt Elbrus in Russia.

"Kilimanjaro was the first mountain I climbed, in 2008, and I climbed Mt Elbrus in 2010. I wanted to see how far I could still push my body... and to be able to talk about it with other climbers who had done the same," she says.

Climbing Kilimanjaro was most memorable, she recalls.
"I think the first of everything is always more special. I will never forget how wonderful I felt going up Kilimanjaro. My body responded so well to the high altitude until about 400m from the summit.

"Literally, seconds after feeling extremely energetic, I became absolutely drained - so much so that I could not even keep my walking sticks straight up, I had to drag them all the way to the summit.

"Anyone that does hiking knows how lightweight a walking stick is. That should give a clear picture of how I felt at the time,"

Asked to recall the Russian climb she replies: "Oh, the absolute fear I had when I had to cross my first small crevasse. I have a fear of heights and this was my first technical climb.

"Even though I was well prepared (physically and emotionally), nothing prepared me for how to overcome my fear of heights.

"That was the ultimate. There was no turning back. But I conquered it!"

These days, Welma has her feet firmly planted on the ground - and is an an agent and principal who labels herself as "an extremely hard worker with strong communication skills and an ability to immediately create trust with people".

Strong marketing skills is another attribute of this former pupil at Hoerskool Oranje Meisies in Bloemfontein, who is principal of the DPPG branch in the Moot area of Waverley in Pretoria, where there are five interns and two full-status agents.

Having started her career as a human resources subject matter expert, Welma went on to consult as a business analyst and HR consultant for the 'Big Five' companies in South Africa.

She has been in the corporate environment for close on 30 years and reached the top of her career as a Human Resources IT Systems Consultant (Project Management).

Welma, who has always had a penchant for real estate, took various courses and also obtained her principal status after having written the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) exams while pursuing her career as a Human Resources professional.

She is now a full-status property consultant and her consulting career as an HR specialist has helped no end.

Her transition into real estate has been smooth, helped enormously by strong interpersonal relationship skills and being adept at negotiation and consulting.

Welma prides herself on building long-term trust relationships with her clients by providing professional, ethical and concise advice and feedback, as well as transparency throughout the transaction.

She guarantees her clients extraordinary service and says it is her goal is to become one of the top agents in the industry.

She is certainly making a very good start as she started her career in real estate at another company that named her 'Agent of the Year' and also awarded her a Bronze Certificate for reaching targets in the first quarter of 2018.

On meeting Owen Dormehl, one of the two heads (along with Tau 'Daniel' Phalane) of the Dormehl Phalane Property Group, Welma immediately sensed his passion for empowering people. She also liked the idea of the strong training offered by DPPG.

Why does she consider DPPG better than the rest?
"It is not all about money... the CEO has a caring, nurturing spirit towards people that rubs off and the agents are therefore extremely loyal to him. At Dormehl it is all about team work," she is quick to explain.

Away from the world of property, Welma enjoys being involved in community projects, always doing her best to ensure less privileged people receive food, clothing and, at times, even shelter.

Says Welma: "I work closely with the Pretoria Upliftment Project (POPUP) and also do food parcels and clothing in my private capacity and at church. A recent project was upgrading the counselling unit of the trauma department at the police station in Sinoville"

Welma, who has two daughters and five grandchildren, is now living two of her dreams - success in real estate and feeling great about supporting the less privileged to a point that they are in a position to provide for themselves.

Well-known in the Moot area, she will continue the excellent service she has mastered, offering the same dedication and commitment to past, present and future clients, she emphasises.

Any future adventures planned?
"I still have another adventure I would love to say I have done, and that is to cycle Africa - up Mozambique and then over to Israel/Egypt, all the way up to France and returning on the other side of Africa. I am still dreaming about this one, but time is running out. However, I can still do it at age 70, maybe?"

Author: Billy Suter

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