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Education Status

Do not let your education status be a deterrent to your future because the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) new education standards requires all new Intern Agents to undergo a 12 month Internship Programme which opens the door to a formal qualification in the Profession to allow a successful Intern to achieve the “Further Education and Training Certificate – (FETC – Real Estate) followed by the relevant Professional Designation Examination Qualification.

The Dormehl Property Group Training Academy will support and guide Interns through the Internship Programme and subsequent qualification requirements.

Past Experience

The doors to a career opportunity are always open in the Real Estate Profession and your past experience and qualifications may well assist you in achieving your personal goals in our Profession as well as earn you credits and exemptions towards the required qualifications.

The reward system in the Profession is based on Commission earned from sales and/or rentals and is unlimited but is dependant on the individual’s personal commitment to service and growth.

The commission earned from sales is paid on the registration of transfer which can take at least 3 months from date of sale. It is therefore critical that an Intern has sufficient personal finance to carry them for at least 6 months when entering the Profession.

Basic Requirements

An Intern will need to have an RSA ID and/or permanent residency permit, current drivers licence and be computer literate, have a laptop, cell phone, reliable motor vehicle and motor insurance cover. Also required is the ability to work long hours when necessary to “close” deals and give service excellence.