Akasia; A Residential Haven

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Pretoria, otherwise famously known Jacaranda City, due to the abundant trees and flowers that bloom here, is home to some of the best residential properties in South Africa. Here, you can find palatial freestanding homes, trendy apartments, upmarket estates and secure sectional-titles that are affordably priced. 

Located approximately 55 km northeast of Johannesburg, Pretoria is one of the three capital cities in the country, is the seat of the government’s executive branch and is renowned for it higher education institutions. Due to its role in politics, the city’s commercial and industrial sectors have grown phenomenally, resulting in a surge of people relocating here for employment opportunities. Latest data shows that there are currently over 700 000 inhabitants living in the city, and this is set to surge as the business sector grows further.

The movements of people into Pretoria has had an everlasting effect on the residential market. High demand for homes from both the professional class as well as students has led to developers capitalising on the favourable conditions. 

A Closer Look at Akasia

Pretoria’s rise to a powerhouse city can be easily identified when you analyse its various stronghold residential suburbs. One such suburb is Akasia, situated in Northern Pretoria, which is the epitome of suburban living. Once comprised of large agricultural holdings, today it is an amalgamation of various types of properties that are affordably priced.

Akasia’s status as a renowned residential destination began with the sale of homes in an area known as The Orchards, and this proved to be a resounding success. Once developers realised that Akasia was a hot spot for buyer activity, new residential areas started to emerge and homes were quickly snapped-up by buyers. These areas included Karenpark, Amandasig, Theresapark, Ninapark, Clarina, Hesteapark, Flourana, and Chantelle

What was once an agricultural node, is now the centre on home buyer activity, where respectively, professionals and students flock to be near commercial hubs and universities. 

The popularity of the suburb can be attributed to modern homes that are affordably priced and centrally located to key points of interest and amenities. For example, here you can secure a 4-bedroom freestanding house for approximately 2mil, a 3 bedroom townhouse for R1.4mil and a 2-bedroom apartment for R850 000. These prices are significantly lower than various regions in Pretoria, such as those in the eastern quadrant in the suburbs of Waterkloof Ridge, Waterkloof, Sterrewag, Brooklyn and Lynnwood. In these suburbs, a three bedroom house is around R3-10mil, whilst many homes can top the R20mil mark, 

Dormehl Phalane Property Group has recognised the importance of Akasia in providing high-value homes, and we, therefore, strive to bring these homes to you. We have listed 123 properties from the suburb that range in size, price and type – ensuring that home buyers have various options at their disposal when deciding on a property. Our townhouses start from an incredible R550 000 up to R1.4mil. And if you’re on the market for an apartment, you can secure a unit for as little as, R520 000 to R1.1mil.

Although townhouses and apartments are widespread throughout Akasia, these homes are still growing in stock as demand increases. Freestanding homes represent the majority of homes here and are usually the preferred choice among home buyers. You can easily buy a 3 bedroom house for around R550 000 or for a bigger family, we have recently listed a 7 bedroom house for R3.5mil.

Akasia and the wider Pretoria is undoubtedly a residential haven, which is expected to continually grow as more professionals and students relocate here. To find out more about the listed homes in Akasia, speak to our helpful real estate agents today.

Author: Dormehl Phalane Property Group

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