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If you are contemplating putting your house on the market in the new year, now might be a good time to stand back and take a good look at what you can do, even in the smallest of ways, to have it in the best possible condition to attract potential buyers. BILLY SUTER reports

MANY might roll their eyes at the thought of having to find cash, time and incentive to make their homes more attractive to potential buyers, but even the smallest efforts could help to make the difference between attracting or losing a potential home buyer.

The first thing to consider is a first impression - what are potential buyers going to see that might put them off, or attract them to get further than your front gate?

A neat garden is an obvious first step. Keep lawns manicured, remove leaves and broken branches, trim that shrubbery, clear (or replace, if need be) those gutters.

Remove obvious eyesores - that old wheelbarrow in the corner perhaps, rubble or rubbish that is in plain sight, toys you have been asking the kids to put away for yonks. Hide the garden tools, roll up and store that hosepipe.

It might also be worth considering buying some colourful, blooming plants for the flower beds and verandah pots - all will be pleasing to the eye and have the potential to draw people in.
And if you have a pool, keep it sparkling and free of lilos, pool noodles, beach balls and other clutter.

If you have the cash, splash out on some paint - even if it is just a touch-up at scruffy areas... scuffed pots and the like. And if there are signs of cracks, damp or bubbling paint on your walls, sort them out. Pronto.

If you are tight for cash, consider doing little touch-ups. For example, freshen up window sills with a fresh lick of paint.

It might also be a good idea to show potential home buyers proof of what you have done to your home in recent times - let your agent have receipts for renovations, any plumbing and roofing work or the like, so that they can be shown to potential buyers.

A house with lots of light is also a magnet for potential buyers, so keep curtains open for viewings, create a space that is airy and inviting.

Bathrooms are always an eye-catcher so try to upgrade as much as possible there. Frosted glass is a bit last-year, so perhaps go for transparent glass.

Also, do obvious things like clean tile grout, sort out cracked tiles, modernise cupboard and cabinet handles. Perhaps install a more modern, dual-flush toilet, if you don’t have one?

Best of luck!

Author: Billy Suter

Submitted 11 Jan 18 / Views 403